Immunotherapy for RSA

May 24, 2004, CCTV-2, "The way to health-Immunotherapy for Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (RSA)" The road to health group of China Central Television (CCTV)came to Beijing Antai Hospital to interview the President Fenglin Chen and Doctor Guixia Liu about the issue of recurrent miscarriages. Definition of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (RSA), diagnosis and treatments were explained in details. Click to read more....

Mission of RSA Institute

1. Develop and promote patented fertility technology in US.
2. Free advise patients who suffer recurrent miscarriages and other fertility problems.
3. Cooperate with healthcare associations to broadcast fertility trends and info.
--Dr. Fenglin Chen, and the President and founder of Beijing Antai Hospital, who first raised the banner of protect uterus, opposed to castration, and become the second doctor could do a test-tube baby surgery.

Free Consultation