Cervical Buried Hoop—Terminator for Cervix Relaxation and Late Miscarriages !

Congenital cervix relaxation means preterm birth or miscarriage happen when the woman gets pregnant. Whilst acquired cervix relaxation presents with the time of the preterm birth or miscarriage turns to be earlier and earlier. Or the woman may have normal delivery at the beginning, but gets preterm birth or miscarriage later for some reasons.

Cervical Buried Hoop before cervical relaxation is an operation method initiated by Beijng Antai Hospital. It is an operation which bury a biological hoop in internal cervical os. The effective rate is 99%. The hoop has good compatibility with human body so there is no need to remove it after the operation. Beijing Antai Hospital promises a contract treatment which costs RMB 50,000, which guarantees a cure. If miscarriage occurs again, Antai will return a full refund. Antai has already succeeded in more than 1000 cases. Cervical Buried Hoop is an international patented product. Besides, women who use Cervical Buried Hoop should give birth only by caesarean section.

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