The Latest Treatment for Primitive Uterus(Stone Girl)

Primitive uterus, known as corner uterus or trace uterus, is usually an accompanied symptom of stone girl. Primitive uterus is 1cm to 3cm long, which is as small as the little finger. Actually it is just a piece of unintegrated uterus tissue, without uterine cavity, endometrium, or menses and it is usually without vagina either. The image of a primitive uterus can be easily seen with B ultrasound: very small which is like a cord.

Primitive uterus is different from infantile uterus. Infantile uterus is usually an accompanied symptom of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and ovarian failure. Infantile uterus is small but it has endometrium. Artificial cyclic can recovery menstruation.

There was no treatment method for primitive uterus until Dr. Fenglin Chen, the director of Beijing Antai Hospital, invented the operation for uterine fusion and endometrium transplanting in 2005,which has saved many patients’lives. He invented Stem Cell Implantation Operation in 2012. The patient could have her uterus grown and cavitied gradually after the operation. Also she could menstruation and may be able to get pregnant. Dr. Chen has solved an international difficulty and he is called “the father of stone girls”.
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