Antai Hospital Signs Commitment Contract for Adenomyosis, We Promise to Defend Uterus!

Adenomyosis is a kind of erosive lesion caused by the translocation of endometrium which transfers into uterine muscle.Symptoms of Adenomyosis include dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, secondary dysmenorrhea, gradually getting worse, or menorrhagia and prolonged menstrual bleeding, or difficult pregnancy, infertility and habitual abortion.

Traditional treatment is removal of uterus, which makes women lose their iconic organ. Although Adenomyosis causes dysmenorrhea,it is a benign lesion. Hysterectomy is overtreatment while single drug therapy could only alleviate dysmenorrhea. The lesion will not stop from expanding, just like a corrupt apple. The corruption won’t stop from expanding until it is eradicated.

Beijng Antai Hospital applies laparascope, self-curing knife and intraductal ultrasound conjunctively as to treat Adenomyosis. This method defends 500-1000 uterus per year. Also Antai Hospital signs a contractual treatment, which guarantees not to have Hysterectomy, to have a regular menstruation,to preserve fertility and without dysmenorrhea.Cost would be based on the size and the location of the lesions.Total hospital stay is 5 to 7 days.

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