The Safest Operation Method for Stone Girl

Stem Cells Implantation is the latest operation method for stone girl. It is to implant stem cells into the corresponding parts of body so that the stone girl would have normal uterus and vagina grown. She may have menstruation or even get pregnant after the operation. It is an upgraded version of Vaginal Mucosa Transplantation. It is another masterpiece of Dr. Fenglin Chen, which makes up for the shortcoming of vaginal mucosa and endometrium transplantation.

Procedure of Stem Cells Implantation:
Cultivate vagina mucosa and endometrium Stem Cells: Extract stem cells of vaginal mucosa and endometrium from allogeneic mucosa. Then purify and amplify them. Because they are adult stem cells which has strong proliferative ability, they can maintain the regeneration and repair for epithelial cells of vaginal mucosa. Four weeks later after the Implantation, stone girl will grow vagina and uterus.(Antai Hospital signs contractual treatment with patients and would return a full refund if the treatment does not work.

2、Compared with allogenic-tissue transplantation, the advantages of Stem Cells Implantation mainly reflected in: There is no need for matching; no side-injury such as intestinal fistula and bladder fistula; No polyps caused by operation; No need to wear mold… Some of the patients could have menstruation or even get pregnant after the operation.

3、Stem Cells Implantation has been practised in Antai Hospital for more than three years. There are more than 500 successful cases which has achieved expected clinical effect. More than 50 cases successfully had babies through surrogate pregnancy.

Dr. Fenglin Chen says, “I used to implement more than 20 kinds of operation methods and I have experienced more than 5000 cases. Stem Cells Implantation is the best, safest, easiest operation method ever, which is relatively cheap too. As the injection of Stone Girl Fund, the expense becomes cheaper now. It takes only RMB80,000-100,000 to cure a stone girl.

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