Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Should Be Treated As Soon As Possible

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS) is caused by congenital gland hamartoma—Ovary is mixed with ovotestis. Main clinical manifestation is Kaohsiung and hyperlipidemia, supplemented by Lipid disorders.

PCOS can be divided into several types with various clinical manifestations including infertility, abortion, irregular menstruation, obesity, hirsutism, acne and emotional instability.

Antai Hospital does surgery with which ovotestis and transgenic in the ovary are eradicated.And the treatment is supplemented by drug regulation.The curative effect is obvious. Whilst Antai offers a contractual treatment by which patients would be given a full refund if she couldn’t get pregnant in two years. In terms of Obese PCOS, liposuction and omental resection could be done during the operation,which enables the patient both lose weight and restore fertility at the same time.Obesity is the manifestation of lipid disorders. As there is a large number of hormones in the fat, endocrine balance is hard to recover unless the fat is aspirated timely.

Advantages of Early Treatment for PCOS:

1. Maintain the beauty of face — PCOS is usually complicated by facial acne and permanent scar would be left on face after the pus discharges.
2. Keep fit — Most PCOS patients suffer from obesity and huge breasts.Patients would be getting fatter and fatter if she is not treated early.A late treatment would not help lose weight.
3. Prevent malignant tumor — Estrogen’a continued stimulation towards endometrium may result in endometrial hyperplasia and postmenopausal delay,which may lead to endometrial cancer.
4. Cure infertility — Pregnancy rate after operation is over 90%. Menses would gradually return to normal.

In summary, once diagnosed, patients should be treated as soon as possible no matter whether they have requirements for fertility or not, as to avoid irreparable regret.