A Story about Betrayal and Redemption

Lin is a Beijing white collar with white skin and pretty face that resembles a Chinese film star named Qingxia Lin.She has a lot of admirers. His boyfriend Wu is an executive working in a foreign company. They’ve been trying hard to maintain a long-distance relationship for years. Wu has promised Lin that he would marry her when the time is ripe. This promise has been Lin’s motivation to fight for the loneliness and overcome the difficulties for keeping this relationship. And Lin has refused many pursuers of which some are wealthy and handsome.
However, a storm may arise from a clear sky. One day, Lin was told that his boyfriend was shopping together with a pretty-young girl by her friend working in Shanghai. And her friend also showed her a photo of Wu with the girl through Wechat.This news came like a thunderclap that totally disappointed her. She wondered how come Wu could betray her while she had refused many good guys who might treat her better. She was so frustrated that she decided to go to Shanghai for a confrontation as soon as possible. While she was booking the ticket online, her cell phone rang — The call was from Tao,a recent admirer of her, “ Wanna hang out with me?”He asked gentlely. Lin refused him roughly. But on second thought, “why should I spend money and travel miles for meeting an ungrateful man?”She wiped away her tears and then called back to Tao. At this time, Lin’s Lamborghini had already stopped in front of Lin’s home.

On the next week, Lin was staying and indulging herself with Tao in all her spare time. She pulled Wu into blacklist in all contact tools and ignored all his phone calls. To her, it is not so much faithless as revenge.Actually Lin was not into Tao, but her pain could be alleviated temporarily with his enthusiasm and material comforts. A few days later, Lin saw Tao as she reached her company. “Why don’t you answer my call? What’s the matter?”- Tao made a trip to Beijing in the early morning . Lin endured her anger and showed him the photo that hurted her so much. “ Oh no, because of this?”Tao laughed, “ She is my partner in my company. We are developing an E-business software recently and we were working together for an on-the-spot investigation at that moment.” after hearing that, Lin suddenly felt both happy and guilty.Together with her yearning for Wu for such a long time, she immediately decided to asked for leave to company and stay with Tao all day.
After a month, Lin found herself pregnant unexpectedly. However, she couldn’t identify who was the father of the child. She was so desperate for she neither wanted to have an abortion, nor give birth to a child whose father was not Wu.In her desperation, she found Doctor Fenglin Chen’s blog that introduced an advanced technology which could identify the pregnant time which could be accurated to hour.Lin made a call to Dr. Chen at once and then did the examination soon afterwards,which costed her RMB 5000.The result showed her the accurate pregnant time which meant Wu was father of the child. Lin was so happy that she told Wu the good news immediately. She says: “I must be forgiven by God this time. I am really sorry and regretful for what I’ve done.Now I realize that trust is very important between beloveds. What you see is not always what you get.Rumors are not trustworthy. I’ll cherish our relationship and I will not make mistakes impulsively again and I really appreciate Antai Hospital for its helpful advanced technology”.

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