Ovarian Teratoma Is Not “Abnormal Fetus”, Laparotomy Is Not Recommended As Its Treatment Method

Ms Song (27-year-old) from Shandong province found herself with some pelvic tumor through B ultrasound examination in local hospital on October, 2010. Her tumor test was normal and there was no abdominal pain,fever or other discomfort. One month after that, she received an artificial abortion. She was diagnosed as right-ovarian cyst and was suggested to have laparotomy.

Through Internet, Ms Song found Beijing Antai Hospital as well as its principle of defending uterus and its advanced technology for minimally invasive operation. So she came to Antai Hospital on February 26, 2011. With the examination taken by domestically advanced equipments such as Four-dimensional Color Ultrasound and diagnosis of experienced senior experts in Antai Hospital, she was finally diagnosed as “ Bilateral Ovarian Teratoma” and was suggested to have a laparoscopic operation, which was much more advanced than laparotomy. Ms Song was glad that she had not made the decision blindly for laparotomy would bring women lifelong imperfection on appearance. Then she decided to receive the operation taken on March 7, 2011. During the operation, she got only a small puncture hole on her abdomen.

On September 23, Ms Song came to Antai again. This time her news is a good one: She had got pregnant for 35 days! Ms Song said that she recovered well after the operation and she appreciated that Antai had protected her physical appearance.

About Teratoma

Teratoma( Dermoid Cyst) is a kind of cyst that is usually benign (No Cancerous Cells) in which there are fatty liquid mixed with hairs, teeth, bones, etc.Its volume is usually very small, without showing any symptoms. But once the cyst gets big enough, it may lead to Liquid Cyst.

Teratoma is usually asymptomatic. When the cyst gets large,the patient may feel lower abdominal pain, pack pain or swelling. It may also squeeze the bladder which leads to urinary frequency or dysuria. It may be complicated by its infection, torsion, hemorrhage and rupture. These symptoms may cause nausea, vomiting, fever or abdominal pain. An emergency surgery is a must. Cyst sometimes leads to canceration. Besides loss of appetite and weight, abdominal swelling, early ovarian cancer usually have no symptoms in the early stage.Abdomen and limb edema may appear in the late stage.

Treatment for Teratoma

Traditional Treatment: Teratoma Laparotomy has limited field of vision, which makes it difficult to operate the surgery. Teratoma tissue cannot be dissected completely with this method.

Antai’s Treatment: To strip teratoma tissue with laparoscope, which does not pollute abdominal cavity, leave scar, remove ovaries or affect fertility.

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