Antai performs”transplanting Fetus through tubal fenestration”in treating Ectopic Pregnancy

Ms Zhang(27-year-old)from Beijing started to suffer from vaginal irregular bleeding, irregular menstruation and acute abdominal pain a few months ago. She went to the nearest hospital and was diagnosed as Tubal Pregnancy(Ectopic Pregnancy) for the B ultrasound didn’t find the fetus in her uterine cavity. She was suggested to have
Salpingotomy. She was hesitating because it meant her pregnant probability would be greatly reduced and it may even lead to infertility if she received the operation.
Ms yang was then recommended to go to Beijing Antai Hospital through her friend and was told that Antai hospital adhered to the principle of retaining the integrity of organs to the greatest degree of extent and possessed domestically advanced equipments and technology.Thus, she came to Antai Hospital and told the doctor that she often took urgent contraceptives as to please her husband. Antai experts warned her that abusing contraceptives might lead to tubal phlogistic or tubal obstruction, which may result in infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Yang Also realized that although she loved his husband so much, it did not mean that she had to do things that harmful to her body. Moreover, if it caused infertility in the future, their relationship would not be better. However, Ms Yang felt lucky to know that Antai Hospital had invented an operation called “Transplanting Fetus through the Window opened on Fallopian Tube”under laparoscope in treating ectopic pregnancy,which did not cut off fallopian tube while retaining the fetus by transplanting the fetus into the uterus. Additionally, it was minimally invasive operation that maintained the abdomen beauty. She received the operation and it was performed successfully. While telling her husband this good news, she said that she would not abuse contraceptives anymore.

Antai experts appeal that men should take the responsibility of taking contraception measures proactively because abusing contraceptives is harmful to women and fetus.

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