HSG is extraordinary in diagnosing tubal diseases

Ms Liu from Inner Mongolia is 38 years old now. She had an medical abortion in her 40-day pregnancy in 1999. After the abortion, her period turned into 2 days and her menstrual quantity was reduced by 1/3, accompanied by chronic adnominal pain. She got married in 2004 and had failed in getting pregnant without taking any contraceptive measures since then.

In 2008, Ms Liu was diagnosed and received operation for tubal adhesions through laparoscope and hydrotubation in Chifeng Hospital. However, she kept infertility after the operation. In 2012, she went to another hospital in Chifeng. Hydrotubation there showed her fallopian tube was unobstructed. Failing in getting pregnant for such a long time, Ms Liu felt hopeless. Occasionally, Ms liu heard of Beijing Antai Hospital through a friend for its contractual treatment for infertility. She came to Antai Hospital for a try in August, 2013.

She was told that Antai possessed unique and domestically advanced technology in diagnosing tubal diseases. The technology was called Dynamic Digital Hysterosalpingography( HSG). It was much more advanced than hydrotubation for patients could directively watch the iodized oil’s going through fallopian tube and uterus on the computer screen. Besides, HSG also had significance of treatment to some extent for slight tubal obstruction could be dredged while the iodized oil going through the fallopian tube.

HSG clearly showed that Ms Liu had right-hydrosalpinx and left-tubal obstruction. This may not be easily diagnosed clearly through some other technologies.As Ms liu’s tubal obstruction was relatively serious, she was not cured by HSG immediately. After signing an contact for treatment with Antai Hospital, she received a minimally invasive operation conjunctively using hysteroscope and laparascope.

On September 29,2013, one month after her operation, Ms liu came to Antai Hospital for reexamination. She felt hopeful in getting pregnant soon for she had her contract signed by Antai in curing infertility which meant she would be refunded if she failed in getting pregnant in 2 years. Doctors in Beijing Antai Hospital is doing further examinations and monitoring her progress.

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