Antai Hospital rejects promoting milk powder for suppliers regardless of the tremendous benefits

Recently, some hospitals in Tianjin were reported to feed infants powdered milk on which they dependent after that, which had generated much commercial interests. Many parents-to-be felt very indignant with that.

In fact,relevant laws had banned hospitals from promoting milk powder products to to parturients. However, due to China’s huge potential market and commercial interests behind that, some hospitals choosed to took the risk of cooperating with milk powder suppliers, regardless of the infantile health and development.

On September 30, 2013, Zhijun Zhang, the director of Beijing Antai Hospital stressed that all stuff should keep adhering to the principle of against bribery of any kind, bribery from milk powder suppliers was included.Violators would be fired and punished.

Actually, the concept of advocating breastfeeding was nothing fresh but a well known and practiced principle for stuffs in Antai Hospital. For such a long time, Antai Hospital had never cooperated with any milk powder supplier, nor promoted any products for them. “Respect nature while against artificial intervention” is one of the feature of Antai Obstetrics. In addition to insist breastfeeding, Antai Hospital also advocated natural birth while against episiotomy and violent intervention.Antai Hospital had also introduced the advanced technology for water birth as well as swimming and touching for newborns,which were advanced internationally.All the technologies and concept mentioned were based on Antai’s prioritizing the health and long-term development of newborns and mothers.

Fenglin Chen, the president of Beijing Antai Hospital said things like forcing infants to have powdered milk would never happen in Antai Hospital for he believed a hospital could only stand firmly by staying principled, credible and curative.

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