Newborns ought to receive the baptism of swimming and touching

On the morning of October 12, 2013, Mr. Yin was carefully watching and taking photos of her baby swimming and getting massage in the Newborn Swimming and Touching Room in Beijing Antai Hospital.The chubby baby, who looked enjoyable,was Mr .Yin’s second son that was born in Antai Hospital.

Mr. Yin said that his first son who weighted 4 kgs was even fatter than his second son. But he was also given birth naturally in Antai Hospital, then it’s no surprise that his second son would be delivered naturally and safely too. She appreciated Antai’s advocating natural birth and breastfeeding and opposing episiotomy. She said his first son also received swimming and touching here. The obstetric nurse told him that all the newborns in Antai Hospital would receive a series of professional nursing care of which swimming and touching is included.

Mr. Yin was not only a professional business consultant, but also a professional in childcare. He said that human was such a magical species who were born with native capacity. The obstetric nurse told him that some human capacities such as body immunity, stress ability, sleeping rhythm, intelligence,senses development and so on, could developed better if they were stimulated and induced well at an early stage. They may even generate influence on one’s socialization and psychological health in the future. Neonatal swimming and touching was such a technique that was derived for those purpose above.

As a Christian, Mr. Yin regarded hymns as the prenatal music for his two sons. He also gave his sons names based on Bible Doctrine, which means to be grateful and kind.We believe that under the caring and education of this excellent father, those two lucky kids would grow up healthily and become persons with good personality.

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