Infertility is not to be feared

Ms Li from Henan Province had got no child though she was already 40 years old. She had been failing in getting pregnant without any contraception since she got married 13 years ago. She said she was such a coward about pain that even a transfusion would make her feel very suffering. Therefore, she always held an passive attitude toward her treatment for infertility. She was also scared of those bloody operations.

In recent years, Ms Lee realized that if she couldn’t succeed in pregnancy soon, she would be really too old to have a baby. Thus she started to search and collect information on internet. She had been focused on some official websites of big hospitals. In 2002, she went to a local hospital and was diagnosed as uterine hysteromyoma. She was then advised to have hysterectomy. She refused it for she would not able to become a mother is she received it. After observing and comparing for more than one year, Ms Li finally came to Beijing Antai hospital in Oct. 9, 2013.

Ms Li told the doctor that she used to consider going to some big hospitals such as Beijing Hexie Hospital.But she was impressed by some patent technologies including dynamic digital hysterosalpingography invented by Antai hospital. Besides, she found Antai’s equipments and therapies in treating gynecologic diseases were relatively advanced and minimally invasive.So she chose to go to Antai Hospital after one year’s deliberation.

Ms Li was diagnosed as multiple hysteromyoma and right tubal obstruction and then received myomectomy through laparoscope and tubal recanalization under hysteroscope on October 11. She was found her fallopian tube blocked due to fat accumulation during the operation. Since the egg and the sperm could not meet each other, it’s no surprise that she couldn’t get pregnant. The operation went successfully and further examination and monitoring was in process.

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