Old people should watch out for vaginal relaxation

On Oct.12, 2103, Ms Yang, an old Beijing woman of 71 years old came to Beijing Antai Hospital.

Ms Yang got three daughters that were born naturally.She started to suffer from lumbago, defection difficulties and colpoptosis since 25 years ago. However, she attributed it to her growing old. Recently,due to her symptoms aggravated and her urine overflowed when coughing, which was unbearable, she came to Antai Hospital.

Ms Yang was diagnosed as vaginal relaxation in Antai Hospital and was advised to have posterior vaginal repaired operation. She went back to Antai Hospital to receive the operation on Oct.14. Antai initiated its “Bridge Tightening Surgery”in treating vaginal relaxation, which did not remove tissue and made up for the shortcoming of easily recurrence of traditional surgery.

Many people hold the view that it is normal that old people’s organs start aging, which may lead to organ relaxation, and it is unnecessary to treat them. However, vaginal relaxation could bring about too much sufferings, which is unimaginable for healthy people. Moreover, it could also lead to decrease of the resistibility and increase of the infection rate.

Nowadays,many old people do not know that most of their body discomforts could be healed due to their lack of knowledge.As their children, young people should encourage their parents to have examination and treatment for their disease.