Pelvic adhesion infertile patient gets pregnant after receiving operation in Antai Hospital

Ms Li from Hebei Province is 33 years old. She gave birth to a healthy boy through C-section in 2008. And she encountered spontaneous abortion in 2012. She had been failing in getting pregnant without contraception since then. In March 2013, Ms Li heard that Beijing Antai hospital signed contract for treatment and had cured numerous patients thorough a friend, so she came to Antai Hospital.

The dynamic digital hysterosalpingography(HSG)invented by Antai Hospital enabled Ms li to watch the oil going through her uterus as well as her fallopian tube on the computer screen. HSG showed her uterine cavity was normal and her right fallopian tube was unobstructed. But her left fallopian tube was obstructed slightly. However, this might not the only reason that might cause her infertility. So doctors decided to perform a further exploration with laparoscope and hesteroscope.

On the next day, Ms Li received the exploration and she was found to have pelvic endometriosis. At the same time, she was performed an pelvic adhesiolysis and was placed with a patent bio-anti-sticking film as to prevent secondary adhesion. She also received the hydrotubation.

On Oct.15,2013, Ms Li came to Antai Hospital again for reexamination and she had been pregnant for 12 weeks, which meant she succeeded in getting pregnant three months after the operation. Further examination and monitoring is in process.