Adenomyosis patient no longer suffers from dysmenorrhea six months after operation

Till October 17, 2013, it was six months since Ms Ling received the laparoscopic uterine myomectomy in Beijing Antai Hospital. Ms Ling told director Yang that her menstruation became less and her dysmenorrhea, which had been accompanied with with her for two years, completely disappeared and she did not have to take painkillers anymore.

Ms Ling was from Jiangsu Province and was 44 years old. She began to suffer from dysmenorrhea since two years ago, especially for the first two days of her period. She was diagnosed as Adenomyosis in local hospital. Her menstrual period changed into 15-17days since then, accompanied with her menstrual quantity nearly doubled the original quantity.She also suffered from dizziness, fatigue and some other symptoms. She went to Red House Hospital and received some drug and injection therapy, which was ineffective at all.

In April 2013, Ms Ling went to Beijing Antai Hospital seeking for treatment. After a series of examination, she was diagnosed as Adenomyosis and Cervical Relaxation for No.8 dilating stick could easily go through her internal cervical os. Doctor told her that Antai Hospital was experienced in treating Adenomyosis, thus it signed contract for its treatment and guaranteed regardless of the size, quantity and position of the lesions, Antai would perform a minimally invasive operation with hysteroscope and laparoscope and postoperative pain would be relieved by 90%.

Ms Ling received the operation soon after that. Apart from the myomectomy, she also received Antai’s patent Cervical Buried Hoop operation for treating her cervical relaxation as to prevent late miscarriages. Her operation went successfully and her dysmenorrhea disappeared soon after that.