What is Bartholin Cyst?

What is bartholin cyst?

Bartholin cyst is mainly because of the vulva hygiene and vulva resistance, Women of childbearing age, pregnant women, virgins can be sick with bartholin cyst, part of it is the delivery injury side incision complications, easy to repeat infection. Better to see a doctor in time! Rongshi Laser or Microsurgery is the ideal method after active vaginal vulva oxygen sterilization!

Can bartholin cyst cause miscarriage?

Vaginal resistance will drop after pregnancy, bartholin’s gland is affected, germs also can go up generate intrauterine infection, lightly will affect pregnant woman’s daily life, heavily will lead to miscarriage! Bartholin cyst has no specific drugs, the treatment is to active vaginal vulva oxygen sterilization plus Rongshi Laser or Microsurgery treatment after the bacteria.

What symptom does bartholin cyst have?

Bartholin cyst increase gradually by small, cyst is small and have no symptom, there are swelling and burning pain after the increase, may experience vulva bulge and sexual discomfort. It can be unilateral or bilateral.

Treatments for bartholin cyst:

Rongshi Laser can treat bartholin cyst, no suture, little bleeding, quick recovery and no recurrence.

Of course, laser can also treat genital condyloma, clitoral package, cervical erosion and a variety of skin tags and moles.

The incision and drainage of bartholin cyst plus pouch suture is a new scientific method introduced by professor Chen fenglin, which conforms to the humanistic and constructive medical model.

Is bartholin cyst have anything to do with childbirth?

Some people suggest that since she gave birth to the child, vulva feels uncomfortable burning pain, at first she thinks its the side incision, and then it grows a more and more big vesicle, she is suffering the delayed union of side incision because of it!

Bartholin cyst do has things to do with childbirth, its more because of childbirth vulva injury, side incision and vulva vaginal resistance is low, easy to be infected.

Bartholin cyst is easy to repeat, depending on the severity of treatment, no specific drugs, the treatment is to active vaginal vulva oxygen sterilization plus Rongshi Laser or Microsurgery treatment after the bacteria. Certainly, pregnant woman to prevent the infection is very important, such as professor Chen fenglin’s gentle delivery and waterbirth which has short deliver process, no side incision and less pain has naturally reduce the complications of birth canal and related diseases!

What’s wrong with virgin’s vulva has vesicle?

Virgin’s vulva has big, red, swelling and painful vesicle will not tell anyone, also embarrassed to go to the hospital to see a doctor, it gets more and more serious, some vesicles even broke, and easy to repeatedly attack, this is bartholin cyst, it is related to vulva hygiene and resistance. Professor Chen fenglin will normally treat it with active vaginal vulva oxygen sterilization, Rongshi Laser or Microsurgery,one good treatment is enough, no recurrence and scars!

Virgin’s vulva has vesicle is not the scandal that no one shall see, must see a doctor in time! Pay attention to the perineum hygiene after rehabilitation!