Life is On the Line, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome almost Killed Her!

On March 5, 2019, Beijing Antai Hospital received an OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) patient, Mrs. Qin. The patient arrived at the hospital pale, with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. The doctor sent Mrs. Qin to the ultrasound department for examination and consultation at the same time.

According to ultrasound examination, the size of her right ovary was 17.2* 8.3cm, the left was 11.8* 8.8cm. Multiple anechoic lesions were observed in both cases, and hydrops in her pelvic and enterocoelia accompanied by hematocele. In addition, when in treatment the doctor learned that Ms. Qin was infertile due to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) so she chose IVF (in-vitro fertilization), as of today, she has been promoting ovulation for 11 days, and used one Gonal-F in two days, on March 4, 2019, 18 of the eggs were removed and the patient developed such symptoms as abdominal distension. Combined with clinical examination, President Chen fenglin immediately diagnosed Mrs. Qin as OHSS, hemorrhagic shock and intraperitoneal hemorrhage.

Severe Abdominal Distension

Antai Hospital immediately postpone the already prepared surgery, to open up a VIP passage for emergency surgery for Mrs. Qin. During the operation, we found a large amount of blood in Mrs. Qin’s abdominal cavity. Under the leadership of President Yang and President Chen, Antai’s experts escorted the life of Mrs. Qin under the 3D laparoscopy. After everyone’s efforts, Mrs. Qin finally turned the corner, spared from death.

Massive hemoperitoneum during the operation

OHSS is a medical condition that can occur in some woman who take fertility medication to stimulate egg growth, and in other woman in very rare cases. Most cases are mild, but rarely the condition is severe and can lead to serious illness or death. OHSS refers to the symptoms that occur during or after the application of drugs to promote ovulation, and the complications caused by excessive stimulation of ovaries, many follicles are produced by stimulating ovulation, The secretion of large amounts of estradiol and the application of HCG cause hydrothorax and ascites, changes in urinary insufficiency, blood concentration, electrolyte disturbance, impaired liver and kidney function. It’s severe that even threaten patient’s life. It’s obvious that Mrs. Qin has been mislead by her treatment of infertility, it’s the consequence of choose IVF, Antai’s expert reminds everyone to treat infertility must diagnose pathogeny first, and then take symptomatic treatment.

B ultrasound of OHSS

About infertility caused by PCOS, Antai hospital has set up a research group, After study, it was found that the disease is actually gonadal dislocation, that is, the ovary in the idiophase has remaining testicular tissue (ovotestis), there are more than 10 clinical types. In terms of treatment, Antai invented 3D laparoscopic ovotestis destruction and gene therapy, which were assisted by drug regulation according to the type. Antai recommend contract treatment, commitment 2 years infertility full refund.

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