How to Treat Threatened Miscarriage?

How to treat threatened miscarriage?

What is threatened miscarriage? Colporrhagia and positive urine pregnancy test occurs. Of course, ectopic pregnancy can also have such symptoms. Threatened miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy should be diagnosed by electrochemical luminescence to detect HCG blood level plus vaginal 4D ultrasound. Threatened miscarriage has fetal sac, and ectopic pregnancy doesn’t have.

Hemorrhage is the sign of miscarriage. The pathogeny of threatened miscarriage is unknown, therefore, immediately fetal protection is not recommended, in principle, on the basis of rest in bed and prohibit sex, patient should also check B ultrasound to see the embryo development status to know the blood beta and progesterone, if progesterone supplement is needed, the patient should supply accordingly in the principle of hormone medication, progesterone supply should be reduced after fulfill the required amount of progesterone. Experts remind most threatened miscarriage has to do with immune anti-embryo antibodies (Antai’s Patent), as the growth of embryo, anti-embryo antibody increase gradually, it’s not too late if discover in time!