The Adventure of the East Coast

                                           The adventure of the east coast

My son Bo is extremily interested in astrophysics and Military science since he was a little child. In order to support him, we always help him to find books and other reading material in these fields and also accompany with him to visit some observatories and museums. He is a freshmen in high school who has talked about MIT as his favorite college for many times. To support his interests as always, we considered visiting some colleges especially MIT and UMA in the east coast during his spring break.
Bo and me departed from Tampa Florida in the morning on Saturday March 11th, and arrived Boston, Ma in the afternoon. The weather in the east coast is totally different from the west. We almost frozen when we step out of the plane. The funny thing is, I found Bo just brought a jacket and few shorts when he opened his suitcase but still tried to find something warmer to wear. Fortunately I brought our winter clothes.
We stayed in Boston which is the biggest and a historical city in the Massachusetts. We got up early next morning. After the quick breakfast, we ran to the Harvard University. Even though it was chilly and windy outside, it couldn’t stop us. There is a lot of historical buildings in the Harvard campus. Because it was weekend, most of buildings were closed. It was a pity that we couldn’t enter the library. There were few people there in the campus who also seems like visitors. We also visited the Harvard University Museum. There are two parts in the Harvard Museum: the Museum of art and the Museum of natural history. Bo became a chatter box when we visited the natural history museum. He told me that the color of the stones is different because it contains different chemicals. He was really excited by the millions of different natural stones there. Finally, he bought a piece of stone which is called trilobite fossils from the Harvard Museum’s store.
On the other day in Boston, we went to the MIT. Because the smartphone’s navigated to the opposed direction, we were late for the appointment. There were already many potential students and parents in the meeting hall when we arrived. We listened to an excellent lecture about MIT. After the lecture, a student volunteer in the MIT visitor center lead us to visit the school campus. The buildings are completely different from buildings in the Harvard University. Some of them is very modern and some of them looks old and historical though. After our visiting, I asked Bo about his feeling. He said he was little confused because MIT is not the same as his imagination. He thought the atmosphere would be very nervous there and the students’ face expression might be very serious. But the young man who guided us made the campus tour funny and humorous. At the moment we still excited about our visiting, I got a massage from American airline, which told me that our flight was canceled because of the weather. However, we had to arrive Newburgh New Jerzy tonight, because we had an appointment for visiting The US Military Academy in West Point. We even didn’t have time to take a lunch and rushed to the South train station. Unfortunately, there was no train to the Newburgh, we had to get the train to New York then we could take another public transportation to the hotel which was reserved by us the day before. When we got New York, it was almost 6 in the evening. We asked almost everybody in the train station but nobody Knew how to get there. It was around 50 miles far from New York. When we asked people for the public transportation information, everybody says that is the New Jerzy, not the New York. I tried to use my phone to find someone could carpooling with us. However, my phone crashed in low temperature. We walked helpless and it was cold outside. Bo suggested to go to a convenient store. He kept my phone in his winter coat around 10 minutes until we could finally use it again and called a uber. When we arrived hotel which was close to the West Point, it was 9 P.M. We were both tired after the long trip and went to bed immediately.
I woke up early the next morning. When looked out of the window, I surprisingly found that it was snowing outside. I woke Bo up to see the snow. He was very excited. While we were taking breakfast in the hotel and planned to make a snow man after the breakfast, we watched the news about the weather. It was said the storm snow in next two days. We were shocked. This wasn’t just snowing. It was the storm snow. We can’t go anywhere. We even couldn’t get out of the hotel because all roads heavily covered by the snow, there were no cars, no any transportation and nobody outside. Few minutes ago we were still excited about the beautiful snow, now we were disappointed about the weather. The next 48 hours we just stuck in the hotel room. Fortunately the hotel provided meal for us during the day. Two days later, it was sunny in the morning and stopped snowing. We headed to the West Point. When we got there, there were a notice on the visitor center’s door that the West Point was closed because of the storm. All the problems came out were because of the storm. In fact, it was not only the problem of the weather, but also the lack of preparation and experiences. We even didn’t check the weather forecasts of our destination when we decided our plan. In the end, We took shuttle in the Woodbury Outlet in Newburgh and went back to the New York again.
Even though we planned to go to Philadolphia, PA , Washington D.C. and Gray Hound, we had to give up and stayed in New York in the rest of days because of the weather. On the other hand, this offered us a chance to look around New York. We took a cruise trip on the Hudson River visited the Status of Liberty Lady. We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 911 Memorial Museum in New York. The most impressive for me was 911 Memorial Museum. I was completely shocked when I saw the remaining steps and steel beam of the building, and the burned fire fighting truck. We sat in exhibition hall, listening to the people who are the victims families, friends and colleagues talking that they were the good father, husband, son, partner, friend… . Pictures were shoving on the screen. I felt something in my throat very sour, and could hardly keep sitting there and looking at their smiling face anymore. When we walked out of the Museum my tears steam down.
In conclusion, we met many difficulties during the trip. Nevertheless, we saw and learned a lot. It’s so-called no pain no gain. We visited excellent places and earned precious experience which helps our next travel be better.