Dog and Shoes

Dog and shoes

Bo Chen

Back in China where I live. We had a neighbor living at the first floor. They had a dog that had been barking all day and night. It had become louder and louder everyday. We had reported to the resident manager in our building and they said that there was nothing they could do. We had also spoken with the people living in that apartment, telling them to bring the dog inside. They never listened and told us it’s none of our business. We didn’t argue or anything. We thought we’d have something to do with them. We had an old man living next to us that always liked to put their stinky shoes in the hallway. We told them to put it away somewhere, but they didn’t. So my grandma thought of an idea and she told my dad. He said it was a great idea. He wrote a threatening letter and shoved it in one of their shoes and threw it into their yard. The dog started barking at it. The old man with the dog came upstairs and saw the other shoe paired with the one in his hand. Later they started yelling at each other. We saw and heard the whole thing through the peek hole. It was funny. My grandma came up with the whole thing. She was professional at making life hard for others.
Now the dog and the shoes were never seen since.