Flying Antai’s Dream with the Wind of Reformation

Flying Antai’s Dream with the wind of reformation

Dear Antai colleagues:

With the advent of spring, everything’s a fresh start. We bid farewell to a fruitful old year and usher in a hopeful new year. On the occasion of the New Year’s approaching, please allow me, on behalf of the company’s board and the leading group of Beijing Antai hospital, to extend the kind holiday regards to all the hardworking and excellent staff of our hospital and to express my grateful appreciation to friends from all walks of life who have been supporting the development of Antai Hospital. I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

2013was a year in which opportunities and challenges coexisted. During this year,Antai staff forged ahead, overcame difficulties together and continued to develop and expand our enterprise. The continuous innovation of our medical technology and the multifaceted marketing development had enabled Antai Hospital to achieve an extraordinary result. The total amount of annual outpatient visits was 29113, the annual in-patient number was 1970, the in-patient surgery number was 1588, the outpatient surgery number was 2564, the delivery number of new obstetrics was 435, birth control surgery number was1611 and the cure agreement number was 123. The increased revenue had ensured a sufficient financial support for the construction and marketing for our hospital. In this year, we had invested 12,000,000 RMB in marketing, a 40%increase over the last year. Employee income had increased by 30% over the last year. In July we had accomplished a double-harvest and in other months, four departments had also achieved double revenue. Some outstanding staff had moved to our new public houses as a reward; 12 Middle-level above cadres had participated in domestic and international tourism; those relatively-low-income nurses were given a salary raise, which had bridged the income gap of our staff.


Over the past year, all departments of our hospital had been constantly innovating the medical technology. The digitization of the hospital had been further improved and the integration of HIS and LIS was implemented. The realization ofaccess to the medical records from extraneous with patient’s phone number had not only increased the website traffic, but also offered much convenience to patients. The invention of Stem Cell Implantation in treating women with hypo plastic vagina and uterus had refreshed Antai’s history of innovation. Ward one had conducted Cervical Buried Hoop Surgery on a 20-week pregnant woman,which had further expanded the range of the indication of the surgery. Ward two had achieved great success in Fallopian tube autologous implantation and Yang’s therapy was even more perfect. The application of the MER in C-section could effectively prevent amniotic fluid embolism. Stomatology department had newly introduced dental implant and invisible Orthodontics technology, which had reduced the diagnosis and treatment time. The accurate calculation for exact pregnancy time had benefited modern women a lot. Surgical department had achieved great success in hair allotransplantation surgery. Our operating rooms had introduced hydrogen dioxide plasma sterilizing equipment whist abolishingglutaraldehyde so as to improve the air environment of them. Epidural Single Postoperative Analgesia and Hydromorphone Intravenous Analgesia were both effective and easily operated.


During this year, Antai Hospital had been adhering to Standardized Management to all departments. Outpatient department had put forth effort to provide the name-tagging service; to establish the contact book for patient and doctor; to optimize the medical procedure and achieve online registration and remotely access to the medical records. Our function test room had introduced multifunctional gynecological physiotherapy instrument, GE E8 4D Color Doppler ultrasound machine, Philips fetal heart monitor and had also increased diagnosis and treatment items. The standardization of our pharmacy and there enforcement of the drug security management had been repeatedly praised by superior leaders. Our Laboratory Department had passed the inspection by Fengtai Disease Control Centre in the aspect of examination for HIV,chromosome, TCT and blood banks. It had also increased examination items including Noninvasive Genetic test, D-Dimer, Group B streptococcus, sperm DNA,etc. The inspection and acceptance for Second Level Obstetrics was successfully passed and the economic performance of our obstetrics had been improved significantly. We had successfully rescued excessive bleeding patients in critical condition caused by central placenta previa and placental abruption.


Whilst practicing our skills and consolidating the development of Antai Hospital, we are focusing on taking and expanding the market share. Beijing Dow Hospital is approved for its establishment by Health Bureau of Beijing Tongzhou District and is to be decorated soon. Haiying Hospital, which is under construction, is expected to be invested 50,000,000RMB and start its business on March 1st.By the time, a brand new hospital that meets JCI standard, immersed with modern management concept and equipped with first-class decoration, facility and medical technology would come on stage, which would also reinforce Antai’s strength.


The general director and principle doctors of Antai hospital have successfully introduced Antai’s management concepts, business model and key technologies to Sanya Boren Outpatient and they’ve succeeded in turning Boren’s losses into gains as well as copying Antai model. Under their leadership, Boren staff has united and cooperated with each other, spared no effort to work hard; a market-oriented training regarding personnel quality and ability has also been carried out; the departmental and organizational structure has been adjusted and the reimbursement of medical insurance has been implemented; Hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries have been significantly conducted and the patented technologies combined with the highlighting of Boren’s outstanding feature shave also been propagandized. They have gradually opened up the market in Hainan Province and the monthly income in November has exceeded one million RMB, which meant a realization of a double harvest. Every performance indicators has constantly advance to new levels. Boren has succeeded in rescuing an ectopic pregnancy patient as well as snatching an ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) patient from the jaws of death, which was reported by Sanya Daily newspaper and evoked a strong reaction. It is proved that the proper guiding concept and workhorse spirit advocated by the leader could effectively active and comprehensively improve a department as well as a whole company from point to area.


We have comprehensively exploited the market by making the best use of Wechat, Microblog, Baidu Post Bar, etc. We have optimized and increased Baidu Bidding and successfully held sales promotional activities on Mother’s Day, July and December. We have also established an international medical department aiming to exploit the international market; accomplish JCI declaration as well as international insurance reimbursement and perfect our official website in foreign language. Along with the visit and exchange of Thomas delegation from the USA and students from Royal College of Midwives from UK, Antai’s brand effect is gradually approaching and penetrating the international medical market.


Along with the further development of national health care reform, the government and relevant departments have repeatedly stressed that private medical institute is  significant part of China’s medical service system as well as fresh troops that could provide multilevel, diverse and differentiated medical service, which signifies a favorable political environment for our development. However, we are aware that private hospitals are springing up rapidly like mushrooms. So far there are 11862 private medical institutes in China and the number keeps increasing at more than 15% a year,which certainly would preempt part of the market share as well as patient resources.All stuff of Antai Hospital should be prepared for the unexpected while being aware that we would fall behind without moving forward. Although the outpatient amount has increased by 1000 in 2013, the inpatient surgery number, however,has decreased by more than 200. The total revenue is flat with last year while the market investment has increased by more than 4,000,000 RMB. All these signals indicates that the gale is raging and the storm is about to burst. In the stage of developing, ascending and eliminating for private hospitals, it should be the top priority for every staff of Antai Hospital to reflect on how to avoid being eliminated.


In 2014, the opening of Beijing Dow Hospital and Haiying Hospital along with their JCI standard decoration would lead a new trend of international medical service.The efficient operation of the hospitals should be our major task. Our target patients should mainly come from three areas including southern, northern Beijing and Yizhuang. The great demand for maternity diagnosis and treatment in Beijing would enable Antai Hospital to seize and occupy a considerable market share. The challenges we are to face are staff shortage and the aging business model. At the same time, we are also ushering in new opportunities. Currently,with the deepening of the policy reformation, China government now helps private hospitals to run their business in much more openly way. Some restrains are now removed and the corruption of officials becomes less than before. After the adjustment for the second child policy, 19 provinces have removed there striction of birth spacing, which means the second child birth peak would concentrate in the recent 5 years. 2014 is the year in which we develop our two hospitals and 2015 is the year to meet the baby boom. Some people who can meet the requirement for having a second child but is suffering from infertility or spontaneous abortion due to age and health issues would also generate much demands. By the time Antai’s cure agreement on treating infertility &spontaneous abortion as well as its unique hypo-water birth would be put into good use.

“A new milestone is in front, a new launching just starts ”, my dear Antai colleagues,let’s unite and cooperate with each other. The New Year has come, with the calling for our mission to be fully filled. We believe as a united team, Antai shall develop a spirit to grasp every chance and conquer every difficult time,with our heart burned with the

responsibility and vision of progress. Our market orientation and business strategy shall be readjusted.

We are going to focus our service on the Antai’s unique brand, which are: a trust worthy and reliable brand, a commitment promise, and, equipped with advanced techniques & high quality service. The economic efficiency of our enterprise would be more and more closely connected with the income of each staff! Antai’s achievement would benefit all staffs equitably! Antai’s development would also illuminate each staff’s career prospect. Let’s share the joy of achievement and success together and create brilliant tomorrow!