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Adenomyosis patient no longer suffers from dysmenorrhea six months after operation

Till October 17, 2013, it was six months since Ms Ling received the laparoscopic uterine myomectomy in Beijing Antai Hospital. Ms Ling told director Yang that her menstruation became less and her dysmenorrhea, which had been accompanied with with her for two years, completely disappeared and she did not have to take painkillers anymore. Ms [...]

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A Story about Betrayal and Redemption

Lin is a Beijing white collar with white skin and pretty face that resembles a Chinese film star named Qingxia Lin.She has a lot of admirers. His boyfriend Wu is an executive working in a foreign company. They’ve been trying hard to maintain a long-distance relationship for years. Wu has promised Lin that he would [...]

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Ovarian Teratoma Is Not “Abnormal Fetus”, Laparotomy Is Not Recommended As Its Treatment Method

Ms Song (27-year-old) from Shandong province found herself with some pelvic tumor through B ultrasound examination in local hospital on October, 2010. Her tumor test was normal and there was no abdominal pain,fever or other discomfort. One month after that, she received an artificial abortion. She was diagnosed as right-ovarian cyst and was suggested to [...]

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RSA Infertility Patient Delivers A Baby One Year After Receiving Antai’s Patent Immunity Therapy

On September 20, 2013,the festival for Chinese family’s reunion – Mid Autumn Festival,director Zhihui Wang in Beijing Antai Hospital received a letter of thanks from Jiangsu Province. “ How are you, Dr. Wang! First I wish you a happy Mid Autumn Festival! At the same time, I’d like to announce my good news to you [...]

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