The Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy at Beijing Antai Hospital

The 1st new generation of combined 3D endoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy has 6 advantages
The surgery is HD stereo with great visual of 360 degrees, it’s a visualized , an accurate and nondestructive operation. 
The surgery has short hospital stay, and is minimally invasive with no scars. 
The embryo can be transferred into the uterine cavity under endoscopic probe to continue pregnancy. 
The causes of ectopic pregnancy can be determined after taking out the embryo. It can not only protect the patient’s fallopian tube but also reserve her fertility. 
There is no extrinsic pathway blood because our blood recycling machine will recycle the blood. 
The shape and function of the uterus, fallopian tube and ovary will be recovered, and there are no obstacles to pregnancy and delivery. 

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