Secondary intrauterine adhesion occurred after fibroid surgery

Secondary intrauterine adhesion occurred after fibroid surgery 
They didn’t have the fibroids removed completely under hysteroscopic surgery for her in Beijing People’s Hospital, so she had a second surgery in Beijing Maternity Hospital. She has not being pregnant for 2 years after the surgery. So she had another examination, there were scar formation in her uterine cavity by B-ultrasound and there were reticular intrauterine adhesion under laparoscopy. 
One of her friends introduced her to come to Beiing Antai Hospital. Her intrauterine adhesion was like a spider web under hysteroscopy. After the examination, our doctor removed the adhesion and placed a pear-shaped stent. The stent was removed a months later with no any recurrences. 
Beijing Antai Hospital separates the intrauterine adhesion by minimally invasive 3D hysteroscopy, and places a pear-shaped stent in the uterine cavity to prevent postoperative re-adhesion. The success rate is above 95%. the patient can have contracted treatment after diagnosis. 

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