The Classification of Abortion

Today we’re gonna look at the declination and classification of abortion. No matter what kind of abortion, Its occurrence has the very big contusion to the female's mental state and the body!

The termination of pregnancy less than 28 weeks and fetal weight less than 1000g are called abortion.
Abortion by its time points: called early abortion if occurred before 12 weeks, known as late abortion if occurred after 12 weeks and less than 28 weeks. Early abortion is more of immune and endocrine factors, late abortion is more of  uterine and hemolysis factors.
Abortion is divided into natural abortion and induced abortion according to the way of occurrence, natural abortion is divided into spontaneous abortion and recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) according to the frequency of occurrence, RSA refers to spontaneous abortion that occurs two or more times with the same partner.
According to the different stages of spontaneous abortion is divided into threatened abortion, inevitable abortion, incomplete abortion, complete abortion, and missed abortion.
Antai’s classification of RSA:
Early primary RSA;
Early secondary immune RSA (Increased antinuclear antibodies);
Late primary RSA: more common in cervical abnormalities or the mediastinum;
Late secondary RSA: more common in cervical relaxation, maternal and infant blood type incompatibility, cervical tear.
Ischemic RSA: this is a form of abortion which is determined on the basis of the pathogeny, the time of occurrence is not fixed, usually due to intrauterine adhesion, mediastinum, and immature uterus. 

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