A Commitment Hospital of Dr. Fenglin Chen

Beijing Antai Hospital is a committed hospital in Beijing China, it founded in 2003. The hospital has been 16 years since its begining.
One of the focused area of Antai hospital is recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA), Antai hospital has international patented techniques, it recommends contract treatment to cure all kinds of miscarriages. In another word, the hospital offers to sign the contract before treating all kinds of recurrent spontaneous abortion, Antai commits full refund if the patient without pregnancy in 2 years.

The other focused area is infertility, Dr. Fenglin chen indicates that infertility needs to be diagnosed before treatment, the hospital also offers full refund if it is not cured!
Dr. Fenglin Chen promises no hysterectomy to treat myoma and adenomyosis uterine malformation. The theory is to remove the lesion under 3D laparoscopy to correct the malformation.
Water birth is one of the gentle birth at Antai Hospital, the other one is hypno-birth. The hospital promises refund if it turns to cesarean during water birth or hypno-birth!
Antai has a secret prescription to promise to stop the hypermesis once the patient’s been hospitalized, and offers refund without natural birth!
Dr. Fenglin Chen has been called the father of gentle birth in China, he had so many experiences in natural birth after C-section, breech natural birth, twins natural birth and hypno-birth along with water birth over the years.
If the mother would like to have Dr. Fengling chen personally accompanies the delivery, the charge will be 50,000 RMB with a signed contract. The contract indicates and promises a refund of 40,000 RMB if it turns into a c-section.

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