The Important of Communication

Most conflicts come from information asymmetry, that is when information from two or more parties misalign or sometimes directly contradict, and the solution to these problems are communication.
Communication serves the purpose of coming to a general consensus. It comes in various different forms: meetings, conferences, rituals, weddings, social gatherings, negotiations. They are all forms of communication that leads to an agreement that fulfills all parties' interests.

The lack of communication causes misunderstandings, false assumptions which results in disagreements or potentially conflicts between groups that share a common goal. The importance of conferences is to clear out the potential misunderstanding of facts and intentions and also to help come to a conclusion that satisfies all parties.
Communication can not only solve social, religious and political crises, averting possible violent conflicts, it can also help create positive relationships and benefit the majority.
Seeing this philosophy being applied in practice: other day my uncle invited our family to lunch in his house, all of us had different plans. While we talked we only talked about what we wanted and never listened to each other. So we spent about an hour that day talking about what we had in mind and made no progress. My father realized that and pointed out that we should start listening to come to an agreement, and surely enough, we came to a decision shortly after.
Businesses, trade deals, movement of wealth comes from communicatio. Without it, businesses will collapse and millions will lose their jobs.
Communication also sought its use in politics. Without proper communication or lack thereof, there would constantly be misinterpretations of intentions and misunderstandings that could potentially destablilize the globe.
Proper communication is not only needed in our day to day lives, its also essential to society or the infrastructure that holds it.

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