The Case of Hyperemesis

A hyperemesis mother removed her gallbladder because she is afraid of severe morning sickness during pregnancy.


Mrs. Zhang is from Baotou, she has heard that Beijing Antai Hospital has a vaccine for hyperemesis, and Beijing Antai Hospital has contract treatment for hyperemesis, when I met with her on Wednesday, she said “when I was pregnant for the first time, I began to vomit after 40 days, at beginning I vomit everything I ate, and then bitter water, even unexpected hematemesis later after that, my throat and stomach were so uncomfortable, I can’t sleep day and night. I have to have transfusion every day. At week 12, I have gone from 67kg to 50kg, I wanted to kill myself for it, I can’t live like that, so I had induced abortion later. My husband and mother in law blame me after I had induced abortion, I can’t take the blame so I divorced him; after remarried to my current husband, I got pregnant very quickly, the hyperemesis never stops, my husband loves me dearly, at week 8, we decided to have another induced abortion, the reason why is because I was in so much pain and I can’t take hyperemesis just like my first pregnancy, after my second induced abortion, doctor Bao thinks that as long as I don’t vomit bitter water, I may endure it, he suggests that I should remove my gallbladder, I didn’t hesitate to use laparoscopy to remove my gallbladder, six months later, I became pregnant for the third time, but who knows it got worse, it made me sick and crazy, I had to have another induced abortion 45 days after my third pregnancy. The hyperemesis was not cured, the stomach and intestine are broken, my stomach was uncomfortable every single day,
I started to hate stodge and I became picky, I throw up very often. Before, I only vomiting when I’m pregnant, but now, without gallbladder I even puke when I’m not pregnant.”
I told her that it’s iatrogenic diseases. she needs to have our patented technology hyperemesis vaccine at Beijing Antai Hospital, after just one injection of hyperemesis vaccine, she stopped vomit immediately, so she decided to have a few more hyperemesis vaccines at Beijing Antai hospital, a few months later she gave birth to a baby boy, she is very grateful to Beijing Antai Hospital. 

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