Hydrosalpinx: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Checkups & Treatment

Definition of Hydrosalpinx 
After salpingitis, or due to adhesion, secretions from mucosal cells accumulate in the lumen, or because hydrosalpinx occurs in the end of isthmus and umbrella adhesion. Tubal abscess is formed after obstruction, when the purulent cells in the lumen are absorbed, the resulting watery fluid is called hydrosalpinx. 
Causes of Hydrosalpinx 
Induced abortion, natural abortion, medical abortion, feculent intercourses, pelvic infection and so on will cause tubal wall adhesion, congestion, edema and obstruction, it leads to sperm and eggs can not be combined, and ultimately cause infertility.

Symptoms of Hydrosalpinx 
Patients often have a history of abdominal pain during the acute phase of salpingitis, but the inflammation is usually long gone after the general tubal pyogenic change into serous salpinx namely hydrosalpinx or hydrops is absorbed by the body, that’s why patients with hydrosalpinx usually do not have abdominal pain symptoms. As a result of hydrosalpinx, fallopian tube dilation and undilated part of the lumen can still be connected. Therefore, patients often intermittent vaginal drainage, infertility is often the only manifestation of hydrosalpinx.
Checkups of Hydrosalpinx 
The diagnosis of hydrosalpinx clinically and commonly used are dynamic digital hysterosalpinx iodine oil angiography, vaginal 4D ultrasound and electronic laparoscopy.

Treatment of Hydrosalpinx 
Hydrosalpinx is part of pelvic cavity adhesion, it leads to excessive leucorrhea, infertility, repeated failure of IVF, because hydrops can wash away the fertilized egg. 
The only treatment method is to put on the patented anti-mucous membrane of Beijing Antai Hospital after overturned sutures under laparoscopic umbrella end stoma.

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