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Gynecological Disease

Vaginal Cancer: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Checkups and Treatment

Definition of Vaginal Cancer
Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer, it is the malignant tumor occurring in the vagina. Vaginal cancer most commonly occurs in the cells that line the surface of the vagina, which is sometimes called the birth canal.  
Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer
The symptoms of vaginal cancer include irregular vaginal bleeding, postcoital bleeding and postmenopausal bleeding; leucorrhea increases, and watery vagina, bloody discharge with stench; with the development of vaginal cancer can appear back pain, abdominal pain and defecatin disorders, including frequency of urination, hematuria, odynuria and hemafecia, constipation, etc; In severe cases, it can form vesicovaginal fistula or rectovaginal fistula;
Late term patients may have renal dysfunction, anemia, and other secondary symptoms,
Such as pulmonary metastasis can appear cough, hemoptysis, superficial lymph node metastasis can touch the enlarged lymph nodes and so on.

Causes of Vaginal Cancer
Vaginal cancer is often secondary, it can spread directly from cervical cancer, or from endometrial denocrcinom, ovarian cancer and choriocarcinoma, other than that, bladder cancer, urethra carcinoma or rectal cancer may be transfer to vagina as well.
Checkups for Vaginal Cancer
Gynecologic examination
Vaginal smears
Treatment of Vaginal Cancer
Currently, patients with vaginal cancer are mainly treated by surgery and radiotherapy, it can also according to the actual condition of the patient, adopt chemoradiotherapy comprehensive treatment. Our hospital takes a comprehensive approach that combines traditional Chinese and western medicine together, treatment is conducted according to individual conditions of patients. Such as the combined treatment of surgery and radiation can not only reduce the scope of surgery, but also preserve the function of organs, and give patients a greater chance of cure, and get safeguard for its life quality. 

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