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Gynecological Disease

Vaginitis: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Checkups and Treatment

Definition of Vaginitis
Vaginitis/ Colpitis, also known as vulvovaginitis, is inflammation of the vagina and vulva. Vaginitis is caused by pathogenic microorganisms when the vaginal mucosal defense is destroyed. Certain types of vaginitis may result in complications during pregnancy.
Symptoms of Vaginitis
The symptoms of vaginitis may include itching, burning, pain, discharge, and a bad smell. Vaginitis is clinical characterized by the changes with leucorrhea and burning pain of vulva ulcer, pain during intercourse is common too, when infection involves urethra, may have the symptoms of odynuria, urgent urination and so on.

Causes of Vaginitis
Depending on the pathogen of the infection, it falls into two categories, one is simple infection, such as trichomoniasis vaginitis and candida vaginitis; one is multiple infections, such as bacterial infection plus viral infection and fungal infection plus chiamydia infection. According to the type of pathogenic microorganisms, it falls into bacterial, fungal, protozoal, viral, chiamydia and so on. 
Checkups for Vaginitis
Gynecologic Examination
Laboratory Test of Discharge
Treatment for Vaginitis
That must be followed: Treat according to the disease, internal and external treatment, treatment for woman and man at the same time, take medicine for 3 menstrual cycles and inoculate the new bacteria. 

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