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Leukoplakia Vulvar: Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Definition of Leukoplakia Vulvar
Leukpplakia vulvar also known as vulva white lesions, vulva malnutrition, vulva dystrophy, etc. Its incidence rate is 5 to 10 % of the total number of women, leukoplakia vulvar is not contagious, but leukoplakia vulvar is hereditary, and with a high heritability, the clinical common color of leukoplakia vulvar are pure white elephant frost, off-white, powdery white or black spot, and white spot. Leukoplakia vulvar is a condition in which thick, white or grayish patches form usually outside of your genitals or inside your vagina. Some women may develop leukoplakia on the outside of their genitals in the vulva area as well as inside the vagina.

Causes of Leukoplakia Vulvar
The causes of leukoplakia vulvar are unclear, mostly is precancerous lesions of vulvar cancer, so its better to active early treatment.
Symptoms of Leukoplakia Vulvar
Symptoms include hypopigmentation, whiteness, itching and burning pain of vulva, the skin is dry and cracked, even atrophied and ulcerated, it seriously affects the quality of life. The white spot first appears in the inner and outer labia minora and clitoris, and then spreads to the inner labia majora. White spot area can be located in the entire vulva, perineal area and anus around. White spot area can be located in the entire vulva, perineal area and around the anus. 
Treatment of Leukoplakia Vulvar
1. General treatment: Should pay attention to vulva skin and keep it clean and dry, do not scrub with soap or other irritating drugs, avoid scratching with hands or instruments. Avoid spicy and allergic foods, dress loosing clothe, don’t wear impermeable chemical fiber underwear to avoid long time hot and humid stasis and aggravating lesions. 
2. Topical hormone therapy, mainly to control local itching. 
3. Surgical treatment ; simple vulva resection with laser therapy. 
Hospital’s gene therapy is the most advanced and effective new method to treat leukoplakia vulvar in China, it’s completely different from traditional treatments, the traditional method can only achieve very little short-time effect on leaukoplakia vulvar, 
Such long term improper treatment will produce toxic and side effects, or even worsening the condition. Hospital’s gene therapy is advanced, scientific and effective, it can achieve the effect of treating both symptoms and root causes, it currently has become a better treatment for leukoplakia vulvar in the world, it will bring new hope for many patients with leukoplakia vulvar. 

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