Beijing Antai Hospital Can Treat Intrauterine Adhesions

Beijing Antai Hospital can treat intrauterine adhesions through the operation of endometrial activation and repair after adhesion decomposition under 3D endoscope. The pear - shaped stent will be placed after the surgery, endometrial activation therapy can be performed in severe cases. The patient needs to be hospitalized for 3 to 5 days, she can choose to sign the contract to have full refund with invalid treatment. Intrauterine adhesions lead to hypomenorrhea or amenorrhea, which is also the most common cause of infertility and arrested fetal development, as well as the culprit of ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine death, and placenta implantation. The B ultrasound showed thin intima. The traditional hysteroscopic separation surgery’s readhesion rate is very high, and there is no effective anti-adhesion measures! 

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