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Should You Have Any Treatments After Induced Abortions and Miscarriages?

Spontaneous miscarriage occurs after induced abortion is Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion(RSA), RSA is a spontaneous miscarriage that a patient has had more than twice. So how many miscarriages has to happen untill you seek for treatment?

There must be a systematic and professional examination for spontaneous miscarriage of secondary abortion or embryo arrest, because the embryo contains husband’s gene enters the mother’s blood when induce abortion, so the mother produces anti-embryo antibody. After pregnant again, those antibodies may reject embryos, it causes embryo arrest and RSA . the more miscarriage occurs, the more antibody will produce, it will certainly cause more damage to the endometrium, recurrent abortion will increase intrauterine adhesion’s incidence.
Beijing Antai is the only legal institution that can administer effective treatment, China patent no. 200480029919.8; European patent no. 1719516; US patent no. US7,902,162 B2. the hospital recommends contract treatment after diagnosis! it needs symptomatic treatment if it is adhesive and mediastinal, otherwise, only immunotherapy will not prevent another miscarriage, there will be no any other miscarriages with scientific diagnosis and treatment. 

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