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What Should You Do to Inevitable Miscarriage?

Inevitable miscarriage usually found in prevent miscarriage failure and embryo arrest, if embryo arrest and inevitable miscarriage happens, it requires hysteroscopic embryo extraction, meanwhile it requires to examine the embryo pathology and intrauterine environment. At the same time, it requires to examine the immune-endocrine factors to determine the causes of infertility and miscarriage. Removing the pathogenesis is consistent with the principle of TORCH (Good birth and good breeding).

Hysteroscopic embryo extraction was initiated by President Chen Fenglin, this technique can replace the traditional abortion, medical abortion and forceps curettage (pregnancy beyond the abortion time limit). Especially suitable for early pregnancy, nonparous and RSA (Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion) patients. To nonparous patients it may avoid the blind curettage in the abortion operation and causes endometrium damage; To RSA and embryo arrest patients, the embryo arrest intrauterine pathogeny can be identified or excluded while the embryo is removed, it sets up the way for further treatment of RSA.

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