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Why Should You Choose Natural Childbirth?!

Natural childbirth is a method to have the fetus delivered by the vagina without human intervention.
The benefits of natural childbirth are:
1. During natural vaginal delivery, the fetus has a process similar to "capacitation". Natural birth babies will receive an immunoglobulin as IgG from their mothers,  their body resistance increases after natural birth, and they’re difficult  to have infectious diseases.
2. Natural vaginal delivered babies undergo a series of voluntary adaptational movements, the sensitivity of the skin and the nerves is strong, which lays a good foundation for the coordinated development of body and mind in the future.
3.  Clinical confirmed that postpartum infection, bleeding and other complications are less occur after natural birth, the mother will have a quick recovery.
4. The success rate of breastfeeding is higher with natural birth.
5. Natural birth conducive to establish babies’ breathing after delivery.

Our hospital founded in 2003, have been strive to achieve a painless delivery without human or drug intervention. We have achieved fewer C-section and zero side incisions. Our new concept is advocate natural birth, reduce the intervention and planned birth, childbirth is actually a physiological process, as a result of the human attribution led to excessive interference, childbirth has lost her own beauty.
Hypnotic waterbirth is a happy natural birth experience. Not only does it reduce labor pain by 80%, but it also shortens labor by almost 70%, as well as reduce maternal injuries by over 30%.
At last, Beijing Antai Hospital welcomes every expectant mothers to drop by for more information. We will be thrilled to have you here.

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