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Can Missed Miscarriage have Directly Induced Abortion?

Sadly, occasionally something goes wrong, and the pregnancy doesn't continue to develop. This is a missed miscarriage, also called a silent miscarriage. Missed miscarriage is also known as missed abortion. Fetal dies but remains in uterus, and pregnant products will exit the body after symptoms developed 1 to 2 months. Therefore, without natural discharge after 2 months of fetal death called missed abortion. 

You may not have had any of the usual signs of miscarriage, such as pain or bleeding. it may be that an embryo didn't develop at all and the pregnancy sac is empty.
Missed abortion revealed by ultrasound: 1, Uterine enlargement, intrauterine scattered spots or spot mass; 2, no sound of pregnancy sac, placenta and fetal head acoustic image; 3, A rapid scanner was used to detect fetal heart and fetal movement reflex.
There will be a big risk if doesn’t take the embryo when fetal death/ missed abortion occur, placental tissue organization and uterine wall are closely adhered to each other will result in difficult curettage. Prolonged detention of missed abortion may result in coagulopathy, it can lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and result in severe bleeding.
Missed abortion is only a phenomenon, it has more than 40 pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment is Antai’s specialty, Antai sounds like a homonym for fetal protection in Chinese, we only need one day to diagnosis the pathogenesis,  require to do anti-embryo antibody, 4D color ultrasound, electrochemiluminescence endocrine and dynamic digital hysterosalpingography. You will be treated with gene breeding immunotherapy and Antai patented technology after diagnosis. 

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