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Beijing Antai Hospital Has Reduced Episiotomy Rate to Zero

What is episiotomy, does it have any harm?!


Episiotomy is using a large scissor to cut the perineum at a 45-degree angle when the fetus is about to be delivered, this cut will lead to the result of the skin, the muscles of the vagina contraction, the blood vessels and the nerves are all cut by the stubble, although it can be sutured after the event, but the scar will eventually form, and unable to restore the original elasticity. In the near term, it brings great pain to the pregnant woman, increases the chance of being infected, and even dares not to sit up and feed the baby; In long-term it will lead to local lifelong numbness due to scar and affect vaginal elasticity and sensitivity, so that can’t enjoy a happy sex life. Nowadays, in order to increase their income and save time, many hospitals do not teach birth canal publicity and education at all, practice episiotomy without informed consent during delivery. 


How did our hospital reduce episiotomy rate to zero? 


Beijing Antai Hospital does well with the prenatal education and preparation, use a vaginal dilator which invented by Dr. Fenglin Chen at the end of pregnancy, it expands the vagina step by step, by the time of delivery, the vagina has expanded to the need for delivery of the fetal head, so there is no obvious vaginal distension pain and perineal laceration; For some women with low cervical maturity, the hospital also uses cervical balloon dilation, it allows for gentle, progressive dilation of the cervix as part of the preparation of the birth canal. And there are the loving and patient midwives who provide one to one service, they are very patient and became friends to one another, give the cervix and perineum plenty of gentle time to dilate during labor, when the fetal head is exposed, apply lubricating oil, which is why technology comes with the idea.


The hospital has also banned other violent methods of midwifery, such as pressure on the bottom of the uterus, suction of the head, forceps, anal examination and oxytocin induction.

There are no signs of infection after birth and no prophylactic antibiotics. For those who do not want to experience violent midwifery, please come to our hospital and enjoy the gentle birth!

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