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The Benefits of Natrual Birth

Natural birth is the delivery of fetus through vagina without manual intervention.

The Benefits of Natural Birth:

1. During natural delivery, the fetus has a similar process of "obtain-energy". Natural birthed babies receive an immunoglobulin (IgG) from their mother, the body resistance increases, and not easy to catch infectious diseases after birth.

2. Natural birthed babies are actively involved in a series of adaptive rotation, and their skin and peripheral nerves are highly sensitive, It has laid a good foundation for the coordinated development of mind and body in the future.

3. Clinical confirmed that postpartum infection, hemorrhage and other complications are less occur if it’s vaginal delivery, and postpartum physical recovery is rapid.

4. Woman who gives birth naturally has a higher success rate of breastfeeding.

5. Natural birth is conducive to the establishment of the fetal respiration after delivery.

Beijing Antai Hospital’s obstetrics department was established in 2003, and has been working hard to achieve painless delivery without human and drug intervention. Beijing Antai Hospital has achieved fewer c-section and zero episiotomy over the years. Beijing Antai Hospital advocates natural birth, reduces intervention and implements the new concept of planned childbirth,

Childbirth should be a physiological process. Due to the social attribute of human beings, excessive intervention in childbirth results in the loss of its beauty. Hypnotic water birth (Natural Birth) reduces labor pain by 4/5; shortens labor duration by 2/3; reduces birth injury by 1/3. Therefore, every mother should have an opportunity to experience the happiness through hypnotic water birth.

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