Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Can Treat Autism

Electroconvulsive therapy simple in ECT, refers to the use of electroconvulsive machines and other special instruments and equipments, the patient’s brain was stimulated with a small, moderate amount of electricity for a short period of time, thus cause inside the patient’s brain nerve to produce the synthesis function, and it’s a special treatment that achieves the purpose of local treatment. 

Doctors will give patients anaesthetic and muscle relaxants before treatment to make it no convulsion after electrification, reduce muscle rigidity and vibration, avoid fracture and other complications. During treatment, doctors stimulate the brain with a small, short, moderate amount of electricity through electroconvulsive machine, It will cause the loss of consciousness and convulsions of the patient, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling mental symptoms. In the united states and some other countries,  electroconvulsive therapy is used to treat children with autism and children with autism who have severe self-harm behaviors. It is estimated that about one in ten children with autism will self-harm, some can even cause serious damage to themselves, such as broken nasal bones or detached retinas. To treat those patients, some doctors choose electroconvulsive therapy. The best way is to show people the really positive side of modern ECT and show patients how it works to overcome the treatment and prejudice of the negative image of electroconvulsive therapy portrayed in popular culture. 
Although doctor Kelner believes that prejudice has hindered the spread of electroconvulsive therapy, but the actual problem is far more complex. In the eyes of those who oppose the use of electroconvulsive therapy on children, they think the long-term effects of electroconvulsive therapy on children who engage in self-harming behaviors are unknown. The FDA has no tannounced a formal ban on electroconvulsive therapy for patients with autism, the overall effectiveness and risk assessment of electroconvulsive therapy was relegated to the operational level. 


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