How Many Mixed Vaginitis Are There?

My previous article has mentioned that most of childbearing age vaginitis should be consider as sexually transmitted disease (STD). That means, once the normal vaginal flora balance is broken by some foreign microorganisms, other pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of the influx, and changes into a mixed vaginitis. 
If the treatment is not for mixed vaginitis, it will likely lead to one after another, and delays healing. 

It is as if tigers, leopards, jackals, and even vultures would come to snatch the lamb when a yellow sheep is killed by a Wolf. 
Vaginitis may be a single fungal infection at first, if the treatments are not adopted in time, soon there will be reproduction of trichomonas, bacteria, viruses, etc. it will become mixed vaginitis. Treatment must be followed by: combination of drugs, simultaneous treatment of men and women, internal and external drugs, replacement of bacteria should be adopted in time after inflammation control.

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