Do You Believe This Is Actually The Scientific Plan for Pregnancy?

Land, sun and water, plants, herbivores, carnivores and humans. This is the food chain in nature. Herbivores eat plants to form the first level of transformed nutrition, carnivores eat herbivores to form the second level of transformed nutrition, and people eat carnivores and other food to form the third level of transformed nutrition, which increases step by step. The more times the nutrients are converted, the better. It’s just like the more times a steel is smelted, the more pure it becomes. 

In a similar fashion, the fourth level of transformed nutrition is human tissue and cells. It is undoubtedly the most essential part of nature.

When the embryo is developing and growing inside of the mother, the embryo can use either third level or fourth level transformed nutrition.

So how do we scientifically use the fourth level of transformed nutrition?

The answer is that the mother will need to adjust her weight to the appropriate standard before she is planning for pregnancy, once she gets pregnant, she needs to strictly control the diet and the income amount of nutrition to let the weight remain at the pre-pregnancy level. So the embryos will use the principle of preferential absorption, it is gonna be absorbing more of the nutrients that the mother has already converted, which is the fourth level of converted nutrients, this will make a dynamic balance of the mother’s weigh declines and the fetal weight increases. The body of the fetus is primarily from the mother, which plays to the idea that the child is a piece of meat that falls off from the mother. This kind of embryos would be more stronger, better and smarter. 

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