Precautions for Vaccination At Beijing Antai Hospital

The way of vaccination is very important for recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA/Miscarriages) mothers. It has to be subcutaneous injection, otherwise the injection will be invalid. And the mother will likely to have another miscarriages.

Precautions for Vaccination:

1. The first vaccination is in our hospital, vaccines need to be frozen at home; thawing it 30 mins before head (It is normal to have flocs after thawing). The vaccine cannot be put back into the refrigerator after thawing.

2. After subcutaneous injection at the outer and lower edge of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm of the patient, a small pichel (about the size of a penny) bulges after the injection, and some parts appear slight swelling and pruritus. Do not scratch it. It should be gone by 2-3 days. Please contact us if there is any inflammations or pustules. 

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