What To Do With Pregnancy Hyperglycemia?

Fenglin Chen/ Antai Maternity 

Don’t tangle with pregnancy hyperglycemia! It is a physical problem. So you don’t have to go on a strict diet. 
Actually all hormones aren’t enough during pregnancy, they just didn’t check them all, two people is taking one man’s supplements, shortage would be a sure thing. Under this condition, the body compensate slowly, once it looses the compensatory, the mother should follow the principle of “supply what is lack and supply as much as it’s needs.” This is pregnancy complication, it should be ok after delivery, and it will not affect the future. 
For example, lack of insulin will lead to hyperglycemia. Should supply with appropriate amount of insulin to assist if it continues to rise, take Euthyrox(优甲乐) if lack of thyroxine! Get some VD calcium tablets while leg cramps, and give some folate and iron if anemia occurs. Don't make a fuss, some doctors give excessive treatment for money which I won’t agree!

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