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Will Previous Miscarriages Cause Infertility?!

Many women have been pregnant several times have had miscarriages. Is this has anything to do with the miscarriage and  induced abortion they have had before?

Dr. Chen indicates that multiple miscarriages are related to the abortion and medical abortion you have had before. During abortion or childbirth, the donor tissue enters the mother through an open endometrial vein, the mother produces specific anti-embryonic antibody.

During another pregnancy, antiembryonic antibodies react with the Fibronectin reticulum on the placenta's surface, after fibronectin is destroyed, fetal villi tissue are exposed to maternal blood, so the cellular immunity occurs, embryo damages, and spontaneous abortion occurs, as well as the time of embryo damage is basically within the same pregnancy week.

To protect the fetus needs to pay attention to the method, there must be no real pathogenesis with several times of miscarriages, miscarriage is only a phenomenon, and there are more than forty common causes, a diagnosis can be made in a day with anti-embryo antibody + 4D color ultrasound + electrochemical luminescence endocrine and dynamic digital hysterosalpingography!

If diagnosed as immunity RSA, Antai’s treatment is gene vaccination.

Indications for the gene vaccination were greater than 1:64 of anti-embryonic antibody in immunity RSA. If the cause of miscarriage diagnosed by other reasons, it has to be treated symptomatically, Antai recommends contract treatment for miscarriages!

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