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Why Fetal Death Needs to be Cleaned Immediately?!

What do you know about fetal death? Have you ever paid attention to it? Today's article will tell you more about it, and you may find it refreshing. Have a good reading!

Dr. Fenglin Chen indicates that fetal death needs to be cleaned immediately, the reason why is because the body temperature is around 37 ℃, so it will decay the dead fetus, the other reason is because it will damage the lining and lead to infertility. Therefore, all of the women should pay more attention to it while fetal death occurs.
Dr. Fenglin Chen also points out that don’t ever go for curettage. Hysteroscopy is the best way to obtain embryos, hysteroscopy will help to find the cause of termination is why you should not go for curettage to obtain embryos, another one is because curettage will lead to infertility and cause recurrent spontaneous abortion in the future. We believe that no woman wants that to happen.

Dr. Fenglin Chen reminds every lady to love themselves and hopes every woman will have a happy life.
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