Preventing Miscarriage: Is There Anything You Can Do?

What do you know about preventing miscarriage? Should you do anyting about it? Is there anything you can do? Through out today's article, you will understand what you should do or shouldn't do to preventing miscarriages.

Preventing Miscarriage/ Fetal Protection Guidelines:

1. Preventing miscarriage must be determined to be intrauterine pregnancy, so the fetus can survive.

2. To protect the fetus, the pathogenesis for miscarriage must be clearly defined, Blind application of progesterone or Chinese herb can lead to fetal malformation.

3. Preventing miscarriage needs to keep a good state of mind, as long as the pathogenesis are clear and take scientific fetal protection, there will be no miscarriages.

4. If you choose to protect fetus with Gene Vaccine (Antai’s Patent), you must follow the treatment procedure seriously. (Vaccination is needed pre-pregnancy).

5. You need to follow medical advice to control the dosage strictly, and compensatory accordingly if endocrine factors are due to the use of progesterone. As well as the dosage needs to be adjusted dynamically according to the measured endocrine value.

6. You don't need to rest in bed if determined the pathogenesis and took scientific fetal protections, even it’s cervical incompetence. Pre-pregnancy treatment is better. Cervical collar implantation under 3D endoscopy (Invented by Dr. Chen Fenglin) is the safest and most effective method. 

7. There is no special food taboo on fetal protection. Enough cold and spicy food is enough. 

8. Inevitable miscarriage, fetal death and other factors are not suitable for fetal protection customer, to search the pathogeny we must undertake hysteroscopy embryo extraction (Invented by Dr. Chen Fenglin).

9. In case of ectopic pregnancy such as cornua uteri, cervix and fallopian tube, hysteroscopy embryo extraction should be carried out in time, dynamic digital hysterosalpingography needs to be performed after resumption of a period, and the examination and treatment should be carried out at the same time.

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