What Should be Paid Attention to Prevent Miscarriage?

Experts remind that spinach contains a good amount of folate, and folate protects the fetus from spinal cord division, hydrocephalus, brainless and other neurological abnormalities. Experts recommend eating spinach or folic acid (B vitamins) in the first two months of pregnancy. At the same time, a large amount of B vitamins in spinach can also prevent pregnant women from pelvic infection, mental depression, insomnia and other common pregnancy complications. Fish is often eaten to prevent premature birth. The patient has miscarriage history must look for pathogeneses of miscarriage. They should get an ultrasound with other relevant examination at beginning, to understand embryo development condition and to search pathogenesis. They need to actively cooperate with the doctor’s symptomatic treatment if there is any abnormalities, rather than simply bed resting. Special attention is that the mother can have off-bed activity without vaginal bleeding, and goes to the hospital immediately to find out the causes while vaginal bleeding occurs.  Doctors will decide whether further treatment is needed and whether the pregnancy should be protected. Many people stay in bed after trying to prevent miscarriage. It will lead to muscular wasting and even disability. Similar patients can be found everywhere, which not only cause physical and mental pain, but also have to bear a huge financial burden. 

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