About immune recurrent miscarriage

recurrent miscarriage

Immune recurrent miscarriage is due to the mother produces specific anti-embryo antibody after the tissue from male(s) enters the mother through an open endometrial vein during sex intercourse in menstruation, abortion or childbirth; during another pregnancy, fibronectin being destroyed after anti-embryo antibody react with the fibronectin on the surface of the placenta in an humoral immune response, fetal villus tissue exposed to the mother’s blood, cellular immunity and embryo arrest occurs, and then lead to miscarriage. The time of embryo arrest is basically within the same gestation.

Gene vaccination is to apply to the patients with immune recurrent miscarriage whose anti-embryo antibody is more than 1:64; the contracted treatment is available at Beijing Antai Hospital. Our patent No. in China is 200480029919.8; patent No. in U.S is 7902162 B2; patent No. in European Union is 1719516. 

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